What do we need to buy for the school year? Will we get a list of supplies from the teachers like we usually do? 

Principal Z does not want parents to feel obligated to buy new things, at this time. She has used the school budget to purchase classroom supplies, such as pencils, crayons, and folders, for the whole school. Remote-by-choice students will receive their supplies to use at home. 

The school is also adequately stocked with disinfecting wipes, tissues, hand soap, disposable masks, and protective wear for teachers. Principal Z may ask parents for support with purchasing replacement supplies later in the year. 

Your classroom teacher might ask for additional specific items, and families may be asked to make purchases later in the school year as teachers figure out what is truly needed. 

Does everyone get an iPad or Chromebook? When do I pick them up?  

An email from David Goodman, Chief Technology Officer for Arlington Public Schools, containing a form for families to request iPads and Chromebooks was sent on Saturday, September 12 email. Students in grades K-2 will receive iPads. Students in grade 3-5 will receive Chromebooks. Pick up for iPads was Thursday, September 16 between 8 am and 11 am. Pick up for Chromebooks is Friday, September 17 between 12 pm and 3 pm. 

Questions Related to Hybrids Schedules

Will parents be allowed into the school to volunteer, such as for kindergarten centers work, family shares, and Mystery Reader?

No, parents will not be allowed inside the building. 

Will students be carrying their iPads and Chromebooks to and from school? How much of the in-school day will students be on screens? 

Students will carry their devices between home and school. Students will probably be on their devices quite a bit in the beginning as teachers make sure students have the skills they need to use their device. Students will use devices for specials during their in-person school days as all specials are being taught remotely.  

Can students leave things at school?

Students will be assigned to lockers (spaced apart) and can leave items in them. Students cannot put anything in their desks or leave anything on their desk or chairs. 

What is the cleaning schedule for classrooms?

Classrooms will be fogged on Wednesdays and Fridays. Classrooms that are used after school will be fogged before and after the after-school program uses them.

For students in Cohort B, what do the first Monday, 9/21, and Tuesday, 9/22, look like? 

Principal Z cannot say at this time. Classroom teachers will advise. 

Will the schedule change during weeks with Monday holidays or the week of Thanksgiving break? 

The schedule will not change. There are about as many Monday/Tuesday holidays as there are Thursday/Friday holidays, so the total days of attendance will be the same. Wednesdays will not be used to make up lost in person days.

Do students who are home sick join the classroom’s other cohort for online lessons? 

Probably not. It is just a sick day with no instruction. Entire classrooms that need to quarantine will transition to online learning. 

Questions for Remote-by-Choice Schedules

My student is remote-by-choice and is placed with a teacher at a different school. Are we still a part of Brackett? 

Yes, you are still zoned for Brackett and will return when school resumes full in-person attendance. However, your principal for this school year will be one of the Remote Academy Principals, Samantha Kurustis or Eva Liner, who are normally Vice Principals at Dallin and Bishop, respectively. It may be that you receives emails from them, only, and do not receive emails from Principal Z for this school year. 

The PTO intends to include remote-by-choice families assigned to non-Brackett teachers in all community events and communication.