Water Bottle Rockets at Robbins Farm Park!

water bottle rocket

Join Brackett's STEM Committee this Saturday for water bottle rocket launches at Robbins Farm Park!



Saturday, September 23 from 10 am -12 pm

You can make your own water bottle rocket ahead of time (see attachment for instructions) or bring your supplies and make it on site. Don't forget to bring some water to use as fuel.  We also recommend you bring a bicycle or other helmet in case your rocket (or someone else's) comes in fast on its way back to earth.

Supplies to bring or use at home: 

Roughly 1 liter Plastic Bottle (33 oz Polar or other Club Soda bottles work well)

1 Plastic folder (to make fins)

Duct tape or other very sticky, waterproof tape

Stickers or Markers to decorate your rocket (optional)

A half gallon or so of water to use as fuel

Check out these videos from a previous launch - from the perspective of a camera attached in various strategic places, including on a rocket itself!






We hope to see you there!