School Council

The Brackett School Council is comprised of the principal, elected parents and teachers (by their respective peer groups), a PTO representative, and an appointed community member. Currently serving are:

Stephanie Zerchykov – Chair

Roly Chaput – Community Member

Kimberly Kapner – Parent, PTO representative, Vice Chair

Melanie Cormier - Teacher Representative

Danuta Forbes – Parent, Recording Secretary.

Primarily, the role of the School Council is to develop and implement a School Improvement Plan (SIP). Many of you, thankfully, participated in the survey in the spring. The results of the survey are helping us to formulate the SIP. Elements of the SIP are professional development for teachers, ensuring appropriate parental involvement, school safety and discipline, extra-curricular activities, and helping to create and maintain an atmosphere conducive to the acceptance and learning of all students.

All meetings are open to the public and minutes will be posted in the lobby. The School Council will meet from 2:30 until 4:00 in the Principal’s Conference room.

Please contact any of us with questions or ideas.


Minutes are posted below:

12-12-16 School Council Meeting Notes.pdf29.99 KB
3-14-17 School Council Meeting Notes.pdf38.08 KB
4-24-17 School Council Meeting Notes.pdf33.27 KB
05-24-17 School Council Meeting Notes.pdf27.79 KB
6-19-17 School Council Meeting Notes.pdf26.28 KB
14 April 2014.pdf82.67 KB
19 May 2014.pdf148.47 KB
9 June 2014.pdf81.53 KB
15 December 2014 SC meeting minutes.pdf156.21 KB
20 October 2014.pdf153.52 KB
9 March 2015 Meeting minutes.pdf155.93 KB