Description of New School Dismissal Times

Excerpt from Superintendent Kathleen Bodie’s June 2015 Newsletter:

Next year we are implementing a new elementary school schedule that allows teachers, specialists and administrators to regularly collaborate and develop their professional skills in order to better support students. Beginning in September, our K-5 students will attend school from 8:10 am to 2:30 pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Tuesday will begin as usual at 8:10 am, but the day will end at 1:00 pm. During this additional afternoon time, our faculty and staff will analyze student achievement data, meet in professional teams and work together to make adjustments and improvement to lessons and student support plans. With this new schedule, there will only be two early release days, December 8 and 15, when dismissal will be at 11:15 am to facilitate parent-teacher conferences.

I understand that this change may require some logistical adjustments for our families. We believe, however, that this new schedule will give our teachers and staff the planning and collaboration time they need to meet the requirements of 21st century education. Another change we are making next year is to incorporate a 40-minute lunch period for all elementary students. We believe that with more time to recharge and socialize, our young people will return to the classroom better able to resume their academic work. We are grateful to the Arlington Education Association for working with the district to support these schedule improvements.