Friends of Brackett Library

FOB Library CrickettBrackett Library is the largest and busiest school library in Arlington. Friends of Brackett Library (FoBL) is dedicated to enriching children’s library experience by supporting and expanding upon what they receive each week during their library time. We work closely with the librarian to ensure that our children have access to high-quality books across reading levels, that they’re able to make the most of their library period, and enjoy the library and reading.


2016-2017 Initiatives

Class Period Library Volunteers

We work with room parents in K-2 classrooms to enlist parent volunteers to come in during class time in the library. These volunteers assist children in finding books, help them navigate the library, and read to children.

Shelving/General Volunteers

These volunteers can come in at any time (not just class time) to assist the librarian in keeping books organized and shelved (essential for keeping up with the children’s reading appetites!) They also help cover, catalog, and repair damaged books.

Early Morning Reading Time

Twice a month in the 2016-2017 school year, we will offer early morning parent-child reading times in the library before school. Volunteers will open the library early and help parents and children check out books.

Book Sponsorship

Through our sponsorship program, parents have the opportunity to sponsor a book in the name of their child, family, or another loved one. These books are marked with special bookplates on the inside cover. Kids love finding their own and their friends’ names inside the library books!

Book Fair

Our annual book fair usually takes place in November. Proceeds from this fair are used to purchase new books and other supplies for the library.

Cleaning Parties

With 500+ visits from children each week, the library needs help from volunteers periodically to clean and organize the shelves.

Other Initiatives

Depending on volunteer interest and availability, other initiatives may include:


  • Kindergarten Bedtime Stories
  • Book Clubs for Kids
  • Mock Caldecott Awards (in conjunction with the librarian)
  • Skype Author Visits


If you're passionate about reading and want your children to share in that passion, please consider joining our committee. Together, we can build lifelongreaders! To find out more, contact Erin Hajduk, FOBL Volunteer Coordinator, at