Important Information about "Wednesday Night Live... The Musical"

We are just about 1 month away from being LIVE, on stage, at the Arlington High School for our 5th grade performance of "Wednesday Night Live...The Musical!" Please take a few minutes to review this VERY important information.


The intent of the show is for the kids to have fun, work collaboratively and be involved in the production in whatever capacity they choose to.  I have given them the opportunity to make their own decisions, change their minds and come out of their comfort zones in a supportive, non judgmental environment.  Thank you so much for your patience, understanding and support along the way.  



Tickets went on sale Friday, April 29th  Each ticket is $10. Cash or checks accepted/ Checks should be made out to The Brackett PTO. With nearly 100 kids in the show and an auditorium that seats under 1000, there is a good chance of selling out.  Each participant will receive an envelope of 10 NUMBERED SHOW tickets assigned specifically to them to sell.  Please plan accordingly so your family and friends who want to attend are able to.  We are running a ticket sales contest for the first two weeks to have some fun and ​​create excitement.  Participation in the contest is TOTALLY OPTIONAL (see document attached). They are responsible for these 10 tickets worth $100 going towards their graduation. If they do not sell them, they need to return them They will also receive 20 RAFFLE tickets ($5 each) so that if someone is unable to come to the show, they can still support them and have a chance to win a wonderful prize consisting of many local gift certificates!

Any unsold SHOW tickets need to be returned to Mrs. Antonakas on OR before May 16. These will be given to participants who would like to sell additional tickets to family and friends.  If any remain, we will sell them at the door the night of the performance.

Information about ticket sales is attached and found here.


Please have all participants dress in their best blue jeans and a solid black shirt for dress rehearsal and for the show. If possible, black or dark shoes. We have many costume accessories and having them all in this basic attire will make things MUCH easier! 



This is a CLOSED rehearsal, for KIDS ONLY please.  Kids need to be at the high school ALREADY DRESSED in their blue jeans and black shirts by 4:00 PM.  For your convenience, A WNL committee member will be in front of the auditorium door at 3:50 to escort them inside as parking is a challenge.  Similarly, at 6:30 PM a committee member will be outside to escort kids to cars to ease pickup.

It is imperative we have ALL kids at the Dress Rehearsal. If your child is in the After School Program and you are unable to get them from Brackett to the High School at 4:00, please email me back and I will help you make arrangements.

*Please pack some extra snacks for the kids for the Dress Rehearsal, especially the kids coming right from after school. We will also provide some snacks.

SHOW NIGHT: Wednesday, June 1, 5:30 Drop Off

Kids need to be at the high school ALREADY DRESSED in their blue jeans and black shirts by 5:30 PM.  A WNL committee member will be in front of the auditorium from 5:15 to 5:35 so that you can drop off following same procedure as dress rehearsal.

Doors open at 6:30 PM 

Curtain is at 7:00 PM


 It has been an absolute pleasure working with your kids over the past few months! I know this is a lot of information, but things are going to get VERY busy over these last few weeks leading up to the show and I want you to be completely informed about whats happening and have plenty of time to plan!

I have been fortunate enough to have an amazing group of very brave parents helping to bring this performance to life! The Committee Members include:

Kim Smith                   

Deb DosSantos

Lisa Kelley                   

Anne Cullhane

Monica Yunes              

Christie Young

Gwen Mansfield           

Josh Young

Kami Hess                  

Caren Connell

As always, any questions, please contact me or any member of the WNL Committee!   This information will be posted to the Brackett Website under Fifth Grade Graduation for reference at any time.


Nicole Antonakas

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