Brackett's Green Cleaning Supplies Guidelines


Brackett is making classrooms greener and safer by keeping chemicals away from students with their daily routine of classroom chores, washing hands, and sanitizing hands.  This compliments the Arlington School District policy requiring cleaning supplies in schools to be green as well as our Green Team awareness goals. 


* Non Flushable Baby Wipes

* Method Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer

* Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer

* JR Watkins Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer

* EO (Everyone) Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer

* Honest Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer

* Kiss My Face Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer

* 365 Whole Food Brand Products (Paper Towels, Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer)

* Marcal Small Steps Paper Towels

* Seventh Generation Paper Towels and Baby Wipes

These products can be found at Target, Walgreen’s, CVS, Whole Foods, Amazon, Staples


The Brackett School will be providing bottles of a vinegar cleaning solution in the classrooms.  Brackett’s Green Initiative Group is assisting with getting the cleaning solution into the classrooms by providing the spray bottles and initial product. Teachers and students will refill and maintain supply of the ingredients on a regular basis.  The goal is to make this a self-sustaining program within Brackett.

The Brackett Green Team is comprised of students in all grades who want to make a difference by taking care of our school community and planet.  Every year the Brackett Green Team leads a week of activities to celebrate Earth Day, has a table about composting at STEM Night, and runs the June Fair plant sale.  The Brackett Green Team is officially registered with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s Green Team program and received recognition from the state for this year’s initiatives.  For more information contact GIG co=chairs Rachel Oliveri ( or Hilary Graham (