2017 Fourth Grade Supply List

The following is a list of requested fourth grade school supplies.  When more than one of a particular item is requested, it is indicated in ( ).  Please send the supplies with your child on the first day of school.  You do not need to label your child’s supplies. 



      Box of Ticonderoga Pencils (3)

      Blue Pen (2 individual pens, not packs)

      Headphones (will be left in school--please label with your child’s name and place in a ziplock bag)

      Box of 24-Count Colored Pencils

      Box of 24-Count Colored Crayons (Schwartz/Braga)

❖   Box of 8-count Colored Markers (Schwartz/Braga and Mangie)


      Package of 3x5 Index Cards 

      Pair of Children’s Scissors

      Glue Stick (12) (not for Calcaterra)

      Pencil Box (please place your child's supplies into the pencil box)

      Pocket Folders (6-solid, no clasps: orange, blue, green, yellow, red, purple)

      Homework folder of your choice (Not for Mangie)

      Box of Tissues (3)